Intake Life Coaching sessions are conducted in studio.

For Your Convenience, repeat meetings are avail in Studio, Online, or in my professional Home Office.

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 Life Coaching  & Hypnosis Mon-Sat

Daily/weekly support is available thru email, text, calls.

Life Coaching is easily enhanced by adding our yoga, reikimeditation and hypnosis to support your progress.

btw I must thank my beautiful Katie for asking me years ago after one of her massage/talk sessions if I ever thought about being a Life Coach. At that point I realized  way more than a few hours of massage sessions included  Life Coaching for many of my clients and often myself as well...... years later I'm finally ready to branch out and seperate the two! Much Love to Katie! 

Studio Hours

Monday - Friday 9-8pm

Saturdays 10am - 4pm

Life Coaches help clients identify blocks, challenges and opportunities.

I am here to support you and help you unlock your full potential.

As you learn how to create your ideal life and begin to see results, you will begin to fully embrace all that life is.